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 PRISM to release new japanese single "YOU"

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Date d'inscription : 13/06/2011

MessageSujet: PRISM to release new japanese single "YOU"   Sam 11 Avr - 18:27

PRISM to release new japanese single "YOU" on the 24th : 'sexy matured beauty'
[+1,002;-150] Their songs are always so good, I'm looking forward to it!

[+980;-123] Wow already a new single? Do they have time to rest? Please BBK CEO-nim, give them some rest TT

[+915;-98] Fans must be happy, they always release songs. If it's not in korean, then it's in japanese.

[+507;-34] It's new maknae Keri first japanese single! I hope everyone will like it! RAINB8Ws let's give them success!

[+432;-37] They're releasing their single when SNSD is releasing theirs too TT I hope they will have success

[+371;-14] They're so pretty on the teaser pictures ♥ fighting!

SNSD's Catch Me If You Can VS PRISM's YOU : who will be the best?
[+5,478;-547] That media-play hhhhhhh everybody knows that SNSD will win no matter what

[+4,879;-785] SNSD will win in term of popularity and sales, but PRISM will win in term of good songs.
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PRISM to release new japanese single "YOU"
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