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 PRISM's RADIANCE release "Pinch Me" MV

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Date d'inscription : 13/06/2011

MessageSujet: PRISM's RADIANCE release "Pinch Me" MV   Sam 24 Oct - 14:10

PRISM subunit 'RADIANCE' release 'Pinch Me' follow-up MV :
[+1,500;-457] Too bad they couldn't promote 'Dangerous Love' more, the song was good TT Pinch Me is good too!! Go RAINB8WS!

[+975;-347] So pretty TT Give them rest too!! I heard they will have a full group comeback next month!! BBK what are you doing.. TT

[+742;-314] As expected from PRISM!!! The song is really good! And they're so pretty!! Yeonchan's vocals are no joke as usual!

[+426;-425] Heol they're popular??? They became popular just because of their sexy concept kkkk I remember their old leader bullied one of their members, and this Yeonchan member is an iljin too kkk Trash group bbb

[+214;-104] I hope they will hit daebak!!! They will have a full group comeback next month too! Sky wrote the lyrics for Pinch Me, the song is daebak good indeed, as expected from PRISM!!

RADIANCE's 'Pinch Me' MV finally released, 'lovely fall concept' :
[+754;-245] Sky wrote the lyrics!!! The song is daebak good!! Please buy their album!!

[+454;-127] Wow... Amy visuals are daebak

[+414;-134] Isn't this the group that had a sexy trash concept? Anyways, I like the song!!!
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PRISM's RADIANCE release "Pinch Me" MV
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