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 1- LOVE Pt.2 [Intro]

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MessageSujet: 1- LOVE Pt.2 [Intro]   Sam 2 Juil - 14:34

When it started pouring down, my feelings got wet
But your warm heart calmly made me feel better
So that tonight I won't have any nightmares
And your fruity scent will surround my dreams

Love as at first sight, flirt was the second step
But when you came closer my heart beat faster
Our hands slowly embracing each other

I want to know every piece of you, I want you
And if you leave me all alone I will come back to you
And if you want me then I will stay next to you
Our dream-like fantasy that was sweet like cotton-candy
Our faces that got coral pink when we look into each other eyes

That's what I want with you, that's what love is meant for
And if it ends like this, nothing could ever replace our feelings
Cuz baby I can't get enough of you, oh my my love

Oh that was love for us, love at first sight on a stormy night
The emotions that came from it, everything was perfect
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1- LOVE Pt.2 [Intro]
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